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Tinting Windows For The Summer

As we're in the beginning part of the summer here in Florida, many of us are seeing our energy bills rise if you do not have a new construction home or double-paned windows. The heat goes right

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Encore Resorts En Reunion

Encore Resort Homes en Reunion es una nueva comunidad de casas de vacaciones minutos de Disney! Fue desarrollado por Encore Capital Management, un desarrollador con sede en Florida. Está

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The Benefits Of New Construction

When buying a house or shifting residence, proximity to a downtown or a plaza doesn’t really matter. Nothing can never take over the desire of having to move ‘somewhere new and fresh’. There

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More Reasons To Invest In Orlando

The city of Orlando is one of the top places to visit. There are over 60 million visitors per year and that number seems to be growing. Between having Disney, Universal, Seaworld and being within

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Rents Rising As Quick Sales

During the month of July, real estate was as high as it had been in the past 10 years. With sales reaching over 1% more than the month of June.According to, about 81% of millennials 

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Cheaper To Own

According to, it is cheaper to own than to rent in the state of Florida. of paying for

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